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Course Descriptions



On Selected Computer Courses.  

MICROSOFT WORD LEVEL I :( 18 hrs) This Microsoft Word training course aims to provide students with the skills necessary to create everyday documents required either at work or at home. Level I covers the basic to intermediate features of Word such as text manipulation and enhancement, creating and using tabs and tables, enhancing documents with clip art, pictures and Illustrations, creating multiple documents through merging and printing documents.    $895.00 TT                                         


MICROSOFT WORD LEVEL II :( 18 hrs) Level II training takes document creation and functionality to the next level with the use and development of Word document templates, creating macros for custom actions, sharing and collaborating on documents, creating sections and page breaks to include standard and custom headers and footers. Also covered are Word’s reference lists (index, table of contents, citations, bibliography, footnotes), working with Styles, quickparts and form features.    $1095.00 TT                                         


COMPUTER LITERACY: (21 hrs): Computer Literacy is geared towards the student who has no experience with computers. The course provides a general understanding of the use of micro-computers in the business world. The student will be introduced to packages currently used in industry (Microsoft Word, Excel, Using Windows, Internet and Email ). $795.00 TT



MICROSOFT EXCEL LEVEL I : (18 hrs): Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program used in the business world and for personal use. Generating invoicing systems, payroll and personal budgets are just a few features covered. The package includes basic spreadsheet layouts, formulas and functions, creating charts, using data management tools, such as applying multi-level sorts, custom and advance filters and building secure templates. Proper page setup, printing and data formatting are also included.       $895.00 TT                                                                                            


MICROSOFT EXCEL LEVEL II : (18 hrs): Having covered Microsoft Excel Level I, Level II explores many of the Excel’s advanced features used by business executives and other decision makers. Advanced reference, date, logical, financial and conditional functions are included along with developing macros for applying custom actions to workbooks. Data validation, auditing tools, importing and exporting data, using What If Analysis tools (goal seek, solver) and designing Pivot Table Reports and Charts are some of Excel’s other tools covered.        $1095.00 TT                                                                                            


MICROSOFT ACCESS LEVEL I :(18 hrs): Microsoft Access is a sophisticated relational database management system (RDMS).  The course includes designing relational tables and data entry forms to store records of information, creating a variety of queries to filter sort and calculate data.  Also generating reports from tables and queries.        $995.00 TT



MICROSOFT ACCESS LEVEL II :(18 hrs): The Advanced training in Microsoft Access following completion of the Microsoft Access Level I. This course includes working with table’s field property settings to customized data types and thus data entry. Designing custom data entry forms, creating customized menu forms or Switchboards with control buttons and other form objects. Creating and executing macros for custom function and designing custom reports. Also included is setting database passwords and other security measures.          $1295.00 TT



ELECTRONIC TOUCH TYPING (21 hrs): This course is geared towards the student who has no experience with typing. It teaches the student about the keyboard. It includes learning the key locations and building accuracy and speed. No previous computer experience necessary. $395.00 TT



Introduction to business software is geared towards the student who has no experience with computers. The course provides a general understanding of the use of micro-computers in the business world. The student will be introduced to the following programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Using Windows, Internet and Email). $995.00 TT


ONE on ONE Classes are  $150.00 TT per per hour


MICROSOFT OFFICE Customised (24 hrs): Students choose the applications and topics for training. From the Microsoft Office Suite to Graphic Design to Basic Networking, you can customize the course outline to suit your training needs.  $1595.00 TT


MICROSOFT OFFICE LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2                
Get certified with the Microsoft Office Level 1 (Intermediate) and Level 2 (Advanced) training. These courses will expose you to more of what is required on the job. Building charts in excel, creating mail merge documents, designing professional presentations and building relational databases are a few of the areas you will cover.   $1195.00 per level


MICROSOFT OFFICE  SPECIALIST (MOS) (Contact Us for more info..)



ADOBE INDESIGN (24 hrs):  $1495.00 TT  MS PUBLISHER (18 hrs):  $995.00 TT

Sophisticated desktop publishing packages that allows you to produce typeset-quality text and clean graphic images, merge the text and graphics on the same page, and then print full pages on high-resolution printers.  It is used to perform all your production tasks on a screen that displays an exact image of your page as it will be printed.  



ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR /ADOBE PHOTOSHOP/CORELDRAW    ((24hrs): ----  $1595.00 TT per program

Powerfull graphics  package  geared  towards anyone who needs  to  produce high quality graphics or illustrations for any purpose. With this package you can create and modify detailed graphics as well as scanned  images and perform  photo retouching. 



POWERPOINT (18 hrs): Powerpoint is a presentation program which is designed to allow you to create slide shows.  You can create simple presentations, using slide transitions and timing, work with animation features, apply master slide elements and print slides and handouts.   $895.00 TT



INTERNET (18 hrs): The internet is a global network of networks enabling computers of all kinds to directly and transparently communicate and share services through much of the world. You will learn Netsacpe and Internet Explorer Web Browsers , Electronic Mail, Telnet, ftp, teleconferencing, Bulletin Board System, Publishing on the Internet ( HTML), Internet Phone. $895.00 TT



HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language) / ADOBE DREAMWEAVER - WEB DESIGN (24 hrs per course):

Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML are used to design webpages for the internet as well as an intranet.  This course will teach you how to use HTML codes, design forms, tables, add pictures, create links, navigation bars, work with frames,  DIVS, CSS files and Responsive Design techniques. $1495.00 TT per program


MICROSOFT OUTLOOK (18 hrs): Outlook is an information management program geared to help you manage messages, tasks, appointments, meetings, activities, letters and files in your office.  Integration of all of Outlooks features operate seamlessly in any office environment.  $895.00 TT   



NETWORKING (24 hrs): Networking allows for sharing of hardware and software resources among computers.  This course exposes you to the fundamentals of hardware and the networking environment using Windows XP and Windows 7.  You will learn how to share resources like printers and C.D.'s, files and programs across the network.  Network Administration, Network Structure and Network Security are also dealt with in this course as they relate to Windows XP and Windows 7.  $1595.00 TT   



COMPUTER REPAIRS (24 hrs): Learn more about the Hardware of a Personal Computer. This course will introduce you to the technical workings of a computer system. You will acquire the skills to build your own personalized computer system, ensure compatible hardware is used, program the system using the Windows Operating System and troubleshoot any software issues that may arise. Also learn about Upgrading a computer system, installing Antivirus programs and simple networking procedures.  $1595.00 TT   


Other Courses on request